Chicago. th Musical

Chicago is typical a glitzy, Broadway USA story with a touch of grit. Two wannabe performers, Roxie and Velma, who see their names up in lights are both arrested for murder, and call on a superstar lawyer to get them off the charges. On a bare bones set (the band are placed at the back of the stage leaving little room for much else), with just a few lights doing the work, the production doesn’t capture the spectacle the show could be.
It’s also a show about sex, and the first half lets you know it. The second act has more depth, but by that point you’ve lost any empathy with the characters.
Making his musical debut as Billy Flynn, there’s no doubt Cuba Gooding Jnr. can act. He reels in the laughs as the slick lawyer. The band are a highlight of the show to be honest, in the sense that the score is Chicago’s star.